September 26, 2015


Pro Tools Music Extractor

I made a program that can turn a Pro Tools text dump into a handy buma-stemra list. In fact, this program is ridiculously popular in all kinds of studios in Hilversum and Amsterdam. It is completely open source and the latest version supports MusicDIRECTOR fields. I also made an OSX version. Let me know if you need it installed in your studio. The clients love it!



Out of frustration with bloated unreliable commercial sound effects software, I made a Windows program that’s extremely fast and reliable. You can drag files or part of files straight onto your Pro Tools timeline or into your Media Composer bin. The program is in use in several post production facilities (among which Infostrada Hilversum, AVROTROS Pro Tools and Phantavision). The program is open source.


R128 maker

Just drag one or more *.wav files onto this program and they will be gain scaled to adhere to the EBU R128 standard. The program is open source.


Phase correlation meters for Ableton Live

This is a free max-for-live device.


Position for Ableton Live

This is a free max-for-live device.




This is my ever so popular “one bar” multi edit program, that fortunately has been used on several commercial releases. It has built-in help that reveals all. If you still don’t like it, I’d recommend switching to Pro Tools or Ableton Live for your editing needs. Anyways, you can download hz37edit for free.