November 25, 2015


Of course most of my post production work consists of working in state of the art studios such as Redline, Mengwerk, Aborisound, De Audio, Loods Lux & Lumen, N.E.P., Facility House, Unitedavrotros, etc. But if so desired I also mix projects at home. What can you expect?


I mix projects with the very latest version of Pro Tools HD. In fact, I’m a beta tester for Pro Tools so I can use options not available to customers yet. Audio restoration is done with Izotope RX Post Production Suite, which is awesome beyond words. Clients often find me to fix audio problems. If it can’t be solved with RX, I might even try to write my own software for it. I’m also an AdobeCC subscriber.


I mix with an Avid Artist Mix digital console, which is fully compatible with Pro Tools via EUCON. My machine is a super fast Windows computer, which connects to a UAD Apollo interface. So yes, I can process your mix with those lovely UAD DSP plugins. Let me add to that the fact that I’m a fan of Avid HEAT, which opens up a Pro Tools mix to an analog-ish sound. My monitors are Yamaha HS8 active speakers.


I create custom music and sound effects using the latest version of Ableton Live + Ableton Push and create my own tools (and sound effects!) using Max, Reaktor and a gazillion other tools. If you need music that you pay once and then never have to think about again, just ask. I make music just like that, which is on the radio/tv every week. You can post your stuff on YouTube or whatever and don’t worry about music rights.


I’m a part-time teacher at SAE Amsterdam and a passionate user of open source software. I also invest a lot of my free time in keeping myself ahead of the game in terms of digital audio. I will go the extra mile to check your product using whatever tools needed. Your lovely project will be treated with the utmost respect from a lifetime audio geek that does his own computer programming, records and generates his own sound effects and has an intimate knowledge of the very computer he’s working on. I love doing fiddly stuffs like spectral editing and checking for intersample peaks. In fact, I’m currently doing a Masters degree study in digital signal processing via SAE + Middlesex University London.

For audio I prefer embedded AAF or OMF files with a decent handle length (1 second is fine, 3 too) containing just the audio tracks at 24 bit, 48 kHz.

For video a h264 file will do just fine. That’s a small file and I will transcode it to prores or whatever. If you want me to combine video and audio and send you the final media, be sure to ask. And let me know the specs for both audio and video.

For album mastering please send your files as uncompressed wav or aiff @ 96 kHz/24 bit files. There is no need to up-sample if your project is at a lower sample rate.

I also record a lot of sounds. Mostly Dutch field-recordings. If I have some time left, I upload them to so you can download them and use them for your own work.

This website is hosted by GoDaddy so it is always online. We can transfer your project using ftp or wetransfer. My connection uses the glass fibre xs4all network.

Do not hesitate to call me if you have a project!

Yours sincerely,


Hens Zimmerman