Post production audio for podcasts, internet videos, art installations, cinema and television.  Hens Zimmerman Audio loves to mix your documentaries, series, commercials and infomercials. Sound effects? No problem. If I don’t have the proper effect already, I’ll create it for you.


Hens Zimmerman Audio upmixes your productions to phase linear surround using the latest and the greatest tools and renders your DCP's (Digital Cinema Package) as well. DCP's are rendered on a dedicated render farm and can be computed in parallel for the fastest delivery! Contact us for details.

Music Production

Hens Zimmerman Audio creates music for your productions using a gazillion synthesizers and sound effects. If you need bumpers or filler music for which you want to own all the rights, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’ve been doing exactly that for a long time, specifically for podcasts and video productions.


Hens Zimmerman (1967) has been manipulating sound and music ever since his childhood. First using open reel tape decks, then cassette decks and now most of it is digital. But if your production needs an acoustic guitar, hey, that’s what you get! Don’t hesitate to call to discuss the details. My calendar fills up pretty fast, so please keep that in mind.